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 Medwell Fragrances embody the power and beauty of a modern wellness lifestyle—healthy, motivated, positive and energetic.


Medwell Fragrances has developed a collection of delicate and alluring fragrances, suitable for any woman. Wearing a Medwell Fragrance will take your yoga state-of-mind with you throughout the rest of your grateful day.


Our complete collection has been hand crafted with only the highest quality ingredients—right here in the USA.



Medwell Fragrances is a proud supporter of women's initiatives locally and globally and has partnered with OMSutra to support victims of human injustices.


Did you know that almost 20,000 women and children were victims of sex trafficking in India in 2016, a 25% rise from the previous year. The Karuna project, sustained through awareness by OMSutra.


OMSutra is an Eco-friendly and Socially responsible company owned by a women and dedicated to providing quality goods to customers who value the environment, a sustainable economy and a healthy lifestyle. With a collection of yoga necessities and spiritual fashion accessories, OMSutra empowers through design that is responsibly made to support artisans, skilled artists, and most prominently the women groups by providing skill training that helps in changing their lives and inspiring for a happy and a sustainable living.


The OMSutra collection is ethnically made using natural and Eco - friendly material that is good for the people, planet and is made with a purpose that is affordable for today's consumer. The sale of these products helps survivors regain their strength and independence from the daily battle of emotional, verbal, and physical abuse that they have to fight mentally, even after being rescued. By creating hand crafted block printed goods, the women support themselves with a positive income. This reinforces independence, boosts self-esteem, and restores confidence; allowing them to find meaning in their lives.

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All Medwell Fragrances are meaningfully placed inside a hand crafted, reusable  muslin bag made by female artisans in India, in lieu of wasteful packaging. The bags have been made for Medwell Beauty as project Asha, meaning Hope. Inside each package,  you will find a special artistic note of hope and empowerment created by female artists, acknowledging the Medwell initiative of People, Purpose and Peace.


You, too, can help the survivors. Together we can make a difference and end slavery and sex trafficking in India and around the world


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Made in USA

Highest Quality Ingredients

Cruelty Free

Proud Partner of the Karuna Project





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